Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG (RASCH) was established in 2016 as a joint venture between Ringier AG and Axel Springer SE. As a leading multimedia company, we see technology as key to our success. We are looking for creative people who want to help us be a driving force in the media in-dustry

Together we are strong

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At RASCH, our skilled employees make up part of a global network of know-how, technologies and high-quality content. They combine their different strengths within this network and achieve more by working together in multidisciplinary teams. We are market leader in numerous segments. Our huge portfolio of more than 25 titles makes us the largest magazine publisher in Switzerland. Become part of this success story and write your own chapter together with the best in their fields.

We think digitally

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RASCH was born out of digital transformation, as the offspring of its two parent companies Ringier AG and Axel Springer SE. Our goal is to elevate the strong, established print brands to a new, digital level and expand the online platforms in innovative ways. Every day we question the status quo every day – from the user experience to storytelling. This calls for inquisitive, enthusiastic employees who want to push the boundaries of data and technology together.

We have the power of a start-up

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Anyone joiningRASCH will be surprised: they won’t find a typical large corporation but instead a fertile, innovative field full of opportunities. This environment requires people who want to have a say, and are honest, open and willing reinvent our young company. Efficient processes, decentralised management, room for self-fulfilment, an attractive location and creative opportunities, provide them with ideal conditions for doing so.

We offer more

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Happy employees are just as important to RASCH as economic success. We therefore want them to achieve both their professional and personal goals, and do so without neglecting their health. In addition to a wide range of training and development opportunities, RASCH employees enjoy various fringe benefits at all stages of their career. There is an on-site gym, a child daycare centre, a staff restaurant, family-friendly working time models, stress management seminars and help with the cost of childcare. A full list of training and development opportunities and fringe benefits is available to download.

All fringe benefits at a glance

We live and breathe creative collaboration

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Competent media professionals from a variety of fields work at all our locations. What they all have in common is the ability to come up with creative solutions. Our culture of collaboration is based on creativity, integrity and openness. We promote this culture with the necessary organisational, logistical and personnel conditions. A network-wide code of conduct ensures that we treat each other with respect. After all, only those who feel comfortable at work can perform to the best of their ability.

Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz employs young talent, experienced professionals and experts in a diverse range of fields. They perform very different tasks in their daily work but they all devote themselves to the same challenge - digital transformation


RASCH’s portfolio covers a huge spectrum of print and digital titles, reaching several million people in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. Each day, the editorial staff devote themselves to creating interesting texts, exciting stories, critical interviews, extraordinary images and informative graphics, whether in the general interest magazine LandLiebe or the consumer magazine Beobachter. At the state-of-the-art Medienpark in Altstetten, the content is meticulously researched, prepared in a user-friendly form and presented in innovative ways. This calls for more passion, commitment, creativity and openness than ever before.

Who are we looking for? Journalists with a good writing style, image editors, proofreaders, social media specialists and video producers who have a keen interest in the world of media, love a good story and know how to present one.

Digital Technology Centre

The RASCH systems engineering division is responsible for the technical implementation and continuous digitalisation of RASCH publishing products. The 20-strong interdisciplinary team of web developers, software architects and project managers develop new services for the subscription business. They also assist with the personalisation of website components and entire websitees, optimise loading times and manage the ad server connection. The range of tasks at the DTC is wide and the product portfolio extremely large, which makes the day-to-day work particularly varied. Because of its links to Ringier and Axel Springer, the DTC also operates in an environment with access to exciting international resources.

Who are we looking for? Technology-savvy people with a passion for complex problems and a desire to solve them with the help of high-quality software and a competent team.

Digital Product and Audience Development

The people working in DPAD are creative, proactive and communicative. They create a digital product world that not only offers interesting, high-quality content but is also extremely user-friendly. The team of BI/data analytics, SEO, social media and product managers, video producers, business developers, UX/UI and screen designers work together with the DTC and other publishing divisions. They create concepts for the optimisation of websites, apps and newsletters, as well as focus on the continuous expansion of paid content services. Analytics is an important part of the day-to-day work, decisions are made based on reliable data, and products are optimised using measurable information.

Who are we looking for? Committed team players who are keen to have creative input, take on responsibility and become the best in their field while keeping their feet on the ground.


Marketing is the main service provider for all RASCH products. It consists of almost 42 employees throughout Switzerland, who are responsible for acquiring and looking after subscription customers, as well as handling the brand management for the RASCH media brands.

How these brands are positioned will become increasingly important in the future as the industry continues to evolve. New strategies for reaching the highly diversified target groups of the various RASCH titles are continually being conceived and innovative campaign mechanisms are regularly tested. All marketing managers share the same challenge of having to combine solution-oriented creativity with analytical and KPI-oriented thinking.

Who are we looking for? Talented communicators with an interest in products and brands, who dare to think differently and are keen to make the most of the creative freedom we offer.

Corporate Functions

Like in all big companies, many people are busy behind the scenes laying the foundations for the success of our visible products. At RASCH, these people work in Human Resources, Finance/Controlling, or as management assistants.

In all areas, we are constantly on the look-out for committed people from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of skills.

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Joining Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz means getting to know the media world from the most exciting perspective: from the inside, where it's created. We work on developing new content, media formats and online platforms every day. Want to join us? There are many ways to get on board!


Apprentices at RASCH should not only learn a lot – they are able to expand their passion for their new profession. They can always count on the professional and personal support of our experienced employees, to help them along the way. Those taking their first career steps with us also appreciate the strong bond between our apprentices. They spend a lot of time together, during lunch or on organised trips and everyone looks out for each other.

Apprenticeships starting in summer 2020 can be found under Jobs. The recruitment and employment process is handled by Ringier.

Apprenticeships are only available in German-speaking Switzerland.

Commercial apprentices change departments every six months during their three-year apprenticeship, which gives them exposure to a wide variety of areas. For example, they gain an insight into the newsroom of the Blick Group, spend time in the editorial offices of Schweizer Illustrierte and the business magazine Bilanz, and also stop off at our online marketplace ‘Geschenkidee.ch’.

Their job in the different departments is to look after the advertising clients, readers, listeners and viewers and to assist with the different productions. Commercial employees accompany the entire creative process, from the creation of an article all the way through to its publication. Alongside their practical work, the apprentices attend the KV business school in Zurich twice a week For ‘E profile’ apprentices, this is reduced to once a week in the third year.

The programme opens up numerous doors in the fields of communication and marketing, whether with media companies, book publishers, advertising and PR agencies, brokers and marketers, printers, or distributors of promotional products. But it goes without saying that we always prefer our apprentices to stay with us after their training!

Premedia specialists at Ringier get to experience the world of media in all its glory: thanks to the joint venture between Ringier and Axel Springer, we are home to a wide variety of print and online media. All magazines, newspapers and online platforms rely on the work of premedia specialists, who with their talent for typography and honed design skills ensure optimum text readability and attractive presentation.

During the four-year programme, apprentices learn how to create a typographically correct and visually appealing layout and convert data into printable form with the aid of computers. They are also taught how to serve as an efficient interface between design and production.

Since premedia specialists require a lot of specialised knowledge for their work, first-year apprentices spend four or five days a week at vocational school. From the second year, they only attend school for one day a week, which allows them to focus fully on gaining practical experience by spending time in different departments and being exposed to the various workflows and techniques.

ICT specialists support our employees independently or in collaboration with other specialists. They are responsible for the installation and maintenance of hardware and software, device configuration, as well as ICT training and support.

However, to work as an ICT specialist, our apprentices are not just expected to have good technical knowledge and an interest in IT – their social skills are just as important. After all, in order to offer the users (i.e. our employees) optimum support, they need to be sympathetic and good communicators.

On the three-year programme, the apprentices attend vocational school twice a week in the first year and once a week in the final two years. The classes are held in Zurich, except for four external modules that are taught in Winterthur.

What would a modern media company be without functioning computers, servers, databases and systems? Nothing! Which is precisely why competent systems engineers are needed.

During their training, the apprentices learn how to plan, implement and manage larger IT systems. The security, protection and long-term archiving of large amounts of data are increasingly important factors in this context. That’s why the apprentices are also taught about database technologies and virtualisation during the three-year programme.

Apprentices on the Helpdesk get a slightly different insight into the field by learning about installation and support aspects for users of Windows and Mac clients.

Unlike the trainees in other professions, systems engineering apprentices are stationed in Zofingen and only spend a maximum of six months on the Helpdesk at the Pressehaus in Zurich. They attend vocational school twice a week in the first two years, then once a week from the third year. They can also choose to incorporate the federal vocational diploma into the apprenticeship period.


Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz offers talented and inquisitive young people the opportunity to gain exciting insights into a wide variety of fields.

Our interns are part of the team from day one. Anyone wanting to get involved, contribute their own ideas and learn new things will feel right at home.

The latest vacancies can be found under Jobs.

Blick NextGen Editorial Internship

As part of the NextGen internship programme, Blick offers six-month and one-year placements in a wide variety of editorial offices.

What does such an internship involve – making coffee and filing documents? No! Blick interns work on relevant and exciting tasks, are given freedom to conduct their own projects, and have an opportunity to help shape the future of tabloid journalism.

Send your application for internships starting in August 2021.

Fancy a future as a journalist? The Ringier School of Journalism offers you a first-rate education at Ringier, Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz or Energy

Training in tune with the times

The Ringier School of Journalism prepares talented young writers for the challenges of modern journalism. In addition to the traditional aspects of the craft, they also learn the digital side, equipping them to deliver everything that journalism calls for: facts and correlations, stimulation and entertainment.

Anyone interested in this two-year training programme can find out more about the structure, coaching and the application process here.

Ringier Schweiz Award

A simple handshake at an industry event can be the first step to a new job. Which one will we meet at?

What’s happening in 2021?

November 2021 // National Future Day at RASCH

Boys and girls aged 5 to 7 will have a chance to see what their parents or close relatives do at work all day. The varied programme will provide an interesting glimpse behind the scenes of our media company.
More info: https://www.nationalerzukunftstag.ch


Application FAQ

General questions

Take a look at the different options available.

Our latest vacancies are always published online. We manage a Tech & Data talent pool. If you’re interested in joining it, please contact our Digital Talent Scout Raffael Studer.

Our vacancies are continuously updated, so any positions published online are available.

It depends on the individual circumstances. Naturally we aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

You can call us on +41 58 269 20 00

After applying for a position, you’ll get an automated email to confirm that your application has been received. We aim to respond to your application within 14 days.

After your application has been received, you’ll get an automated email confirming your application was correctly uploaded. Your application details will then be sent to the responsible HR manager. In the next step, your skills and experience will be analysed. If they match the criteria for the position you will be invited to phone or face-to-face interview. If that goes well, further interviews will be arranged.

Questions about the content of online applications

Please use our online application form to apply, it only takes a few minutes. After uploading your documents, you can log in again and complete your profile.

A short letter telling us why you want to work for us, a CV, relevant employment references, training certificates and, if required your work portfolio.

You can apply for several positions using the online application tool.

When you apply for a position with us, a profile is automatically created for you. Using your registered email address and password, you can log into your profile at any time to complete or update it. The data stored in your profile will be treated confidentially and used exclusively for the purpose of processing your application.

You can withdraw your application with the online application tool.

Questions about our online application tool

Log in again on the application page and click ‘Reset password’.

Please send a short message to the person specified in the job posting hr@ringieraxelspringer.ch.

You can log into the application page and ammend your profile at any time.

When creating a profile, applicants must give us their permission to store their data. Otherwise your profile will be automatically deleted or anonymised as soon as the application process has been completed.

Questions about applying for an apprenticeship

Send us a cover letter, or record a short, creative video about yourself (2-3 minutes, max. 50 MB). Tell us why you want an apprenticeship with us.

How to upload your application documents:

Click on the ‘Apply online’ button below the programme description (only visible for available apprenticeships).

1. Fill in the application form.

2. Upload your cover letter or your video under ‘Cover letter’. Please upload your CV and other relevant documents – e.g. school report, aptitude test results (Stellwerk or Multicheck), any certificates for language study periods abroad, course attendance certificates, etc. – in the portal as PDF files under ‘CV’ and ‘References/Certificates’.

3. Click ‘Submit application’.

4. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with a link which you can follow to view your application at any time.

Write a short script and get everything ready for your video. Choose a good place to record your video. Make sure it’s bright enough and your voice is audible. Pay attention to your posture and expressions, and try be yourself. The video should give us an idea of who you are and why you want to join us. Bear in mind the clip should be no longer than 2-3 minutes and the file size no larger than 50 MB.

All available apprenticeships are published under Jobs .

Haven’t seen anything suitable? Then sign up for job alerts and we’ll keep you updated by email on any new apprenticeships.

The application process is completely digital: if you find a suitable position under Jobs, simply click ‘Apply’. Then in the pop-up enter your personal data and upload your application documents.

We need your CV, trial apprenticeship report, school reports and your Multicheck or Stellwerk test results.

Your CV is a crucial part of the application process. It should be well-structured and provide a clear and engaging overview of your background:

• it should include your personal details (name, email address, telephone number),
• schools attended,
• trial apprenticeships,
• language and
• IT skills

References such as a teacher or your supervisor during a trial apprenticeship are also useful.

Your cover letter should make us interested in you. Keep it clear, concise and personal. Explain why you’re applying for the position and what you find interesting about the profession. Do some research on Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz and let us know why you want to do an apprenticeship at a media company. Mention if you’ve already completed a relevant trial apprenticeship or internship and tell us what you liked about it.

We’ll send you a confirmation as soon as we’ve received your application. We’ll then try to give you feedback on the status of your application as soon as possible. This shouldn’t take more than two weeks.

We want to get to know the real you. So we won’t ask you to wear a suit if that’s not your style. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and that your choice of outfit is appropriate for a professional meeting.

Take time answering each question, instead of rushing. This allows you to provide a relevant response to the interviewer’s question. It’s also an advantage if possible, to support your answers with examples of work you’ve done at school or in other jobs.